There is one thing that stands out more that beautiful white teeth. That's discoloured yellow teeth or teeth with unsightly coloured fillings!
Professional tooth whitening systems can offer you a safe way of improving your smile and giving your teeth a breath of fresh air.
After a course of tooth whitening treatment results can be amazing. With dentist supervision, we can improve your smile with a subtle change or a dramatic improvement - whatever is desired!

What causes tooth discolouration?

Many things can contribute to tooth discolouration. Generally staining causes this problem, but other things can discolour teeth. For example:

  • everyday foods such as sauces& spices, drinks such as coffee or red wine.
  • plaque or tartar build up,
  • decay or old fillings which have changed colour,
  • medicines taken as a child (when your teeth were developing).

The types of discolouration can be classified into 2 categories:
External (extrinsic) staining
- which is caused by elements of normal lifestyle - for example, food and drink such as coffee or tea. Particularly acidic or sweet foods can stain teeth faster. Smoking is a heavy source of tooth discolouration. It can have multiple effects, not only discolouring the teeth directly, but also allowing more food to attach to the tooth surface and decreasing saliva flow to wash the teeth clean.

Intrinsic (internal) staining

- is another type of tooth discolouration. This includes natural defects such as that caused by trauma, genetic anomalies or discolourations caused by medications. Although harder to whiten, these teeth can be made more aesthetically pleasing, the treatment depending on the severity of the problem.

tooth whitening is often used before any comprehensive cosmetic treatment is done.


The Professional Tooth Whitening Systems.
At the Dental Practice we use the best tooth whitening systems that are available. Two types of tooth whitening procedures are available,

One Hour ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

This is the exact same tooth whitening system that is used on the TV show "Extreme Makeover". You come in, and we us the special Zoom Light to whiten your teeth.

We are one of New Zealand's first dental practices to offer the ZOOM! whitening system.

Take Home whitening
This system allows you to do your whitening at home. We take impressions of your teeth and construct a custom formed tray to fit your mouth. The whitening trays are worn for two hours per day for a period of 7-10 days.

Does it work?

The most common question is "So does this really work?" The answer is "yes, it works great!"

Obviously the degree of whitening varies from person to person, so depending on your circumstances this may dictate the type of whitening procedure which is appropriate for you.

Is it Safe?
The answer is yes. Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is perfectly safe. There are no permanent effects of tooth enamel or tooth structure.

In fact, tooth whitening is one of the safest cosmetic dental procedures available, and in fact, Many of our staff (and family) have used these tooth whitening products on themselves.

Is Tooth Whitening for everyone?

No. Tooth whitening is not suitable for everyone because everyone has different teeth with different conditions. Therefore it is important that you get your teeth assessed by a dentist before starting any tooth whitening procedure or product.

Also, tooth whitening is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

results of tooth whitening procedure,
before and after photos.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.

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