Amalgam fillings not only darken the tooth making it unattractive to look at, but teeth which have been heavily restored with amalgam fillings are vulnerable to cracking and fracture. With the latest techniques and the use of modern white composite materials why have ugly black fillings anymore!

Filling BEFORE Filling BEFORE

Amalgam fillings are only held in place by the shape of the cavity that is cut. Tooth coloured fillings are bonded into place, meaning that less tooth structure needs to be removed in when placing these fillings - this is a much more conservative treatment, providing a more healthy result.
For heavily restored teeth there are many amalgam alternatives (such as the 'porcelain crowns'). In some situations different treatment options are appropriate for different people. We are trained in selecting the materials that are the most appropriate for you and we are happy to discuss most of these alternatives with you. Please contact us if you have any questions.


  Before and After photos of treatment after white fillings & porcelain crowns are used to replace old amalgam fillings.

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