To create that beautiful smile, we use the most up to date techniques to straighten teeth and correct bites. At the dental practice we provide comprehensive full-face orthodontic treatment to both children and adults. Click Here to see photos and examples.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are not just to improve your smile. If you have severely crooked or crowded teeth this can make cleaning difficult which can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. For some people, having a malocclusion can lead to uneven wear, tooth fracture or even unhealthy jaw joints.

Early assessment is best

Early orthodontic assessment, ideally at age 8 to 9, can detect orthodontic problems when your child is still young. If necessary, the appropriate treatment can prevent future complex and expensive orthodontic problems from developing.

Removable Plates

Our treatment philosophy is to minimize the need for extractions. We can achieve this by using appliances such as removable plates to expand and develop the jaws to create space for the teeth. The best time to use these appliances is when the child is actively growing.

Functional Appliances

We also use Functional appliances to correct bites. Functional appliances utilize the functional forces from the muscles of the face to correct the bite. By displacing the lower jaw forwards, the functional appliance activates the muscles of the face and jaw, which gently and gradually correct the bite.

Fixed Braces

As well as removable appliances, fixed braces are sometimes an option used as part of the treatment plan. Nowadays, modern braces use thermally activated wires and smaller, more comfortable, brackets than those of the past.

What steps are required

To fully assess your orthodontic problem full records are taken, these include models, photos & jaw x-rays.

These records are needed to fully assess your problems and to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Click Here to see before and after photos of treatment.

A full treatment plan will be provided outlining the approach and the appliances which would be used. This may include a combination of removable plates, functional appliances and/or fixed braces.

For adults we offer the option of the latest clear/invisible braces which are made from ceramics.

As a family orientated practice, The Dental Practice has been offering orthodontic treatment ever since it opened it's doors.

Dr Steven Wong and Dr Darrell Tse have been providing orthodontic treatment for over 13 years. They regularly attend courses both in New Zealand and overseas and are members of the IAO (International Orthodontic Association) and NZFOS (New Zealand Functional Orthodontic Society).


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